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Doctor's Best For Your Pet
Holistic Nutritional Supplements

Helping promote the healthiness and happiness of our best friends 
  At, we provide all the right pet nutritional supplements that are needed to keep your pet healthy. We concentrate on and are committed to high-quality holistic veterinary nutrition and holistic veterinary supplements.

  Many of our pet nutrition supplements are highly innovative and were first to be offered on the market here in America. For example, recent interest in glandular nutrition and bovine colostrum is an echo of DMSC's modern re-introduction of those products in the early 1980s. Super Glandulars, Beta-Thym and Colostrex bovine colostrum have gained tremendous popularity and appeal because of their efficacy in managing health conditions in so many animals, including humans!

 Our approach to pet health and pet nutrition has been guided by a search to avoid use of prescription drugs unnecessarily (certainly drugs are of benefit in many cases, just not all cases). We have achieved some degree of success in providing the healthiest pet alternative medicine now available.
 Whether your pet suffers from itching or auto-immune diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis) and would do well to try adrenal glandular extracts, natural cortisone and shark cartilage, or simply has a chronic case of diarrhea that colostrum would calm but that metronidazole couldn't cure, holistic pet nutrition is worth a try when nothing else works and when drugs are simply the less-preferred treatment.

Enjoy your visit to our site and please tell a friend about us!

Thank you! 

Best For Your Pet/DMSC

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Beta-Thym 180 Tablets
Price: $43.95
 Beta-Thym 180 Tablets
P5120 Hip and Joint Repair
Price: $39.95
P5120 Hip and Joint Repair