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All About Best for Your Pet Nutritional Supplements

Where We Came From and What We Are Doing

Doctor's Mutual Service Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1948. For much of it's history the Company was focused on human nutrition and catered to natural healing arts, selling mostly to chiropractors and homeopaths, and several advanced medical doctors who saw the growing need for serious attention to nutrition in health.

In 1991, several naturalistic veterinarians took notice of our unique  human formulas and began administering their to their personal pets. The rapid results they witnessed changed the way they practice forever. Doctors Bob and Marty Goldstein have been prescribing many of our glandulars, Colostrex, and several of our other formulas for nearly a decade now. (Please see our Info Links for more information on Dr. Marty's recent book The Nature of Animal Healing.) In many cases, today's popular and sometimes 'trendy' formulations can be traced back to humble original consumer introductions made by Doctor's Mutual back in the late 1980's.

Since then, Doctor's Best for Your Pet has gained notoriety and a committed following of loyal vets and pet owners who have found our supplements to be not only groundbreaking, unique and effective natural aides for pet health, but remarkably affordable too. Welcome to the family!

—Doctor's Best for Your Pet