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Beta-Thym 180 Tablets


Price: $42.95
Item Number: P951
Like a 'Natural Cortisone'
Inflammation Reduction Without Drugs
The base formula of Beta-Thym™ was originally used as a cholesterol-lowering agent in the late 1950s by Merck and Company, beta-sitosterol soon found itself a following among those seeking a starting point for synthetic chemical steroids like cortisone.

Added to our formulation in the early 1980s, thymus extract and natural amino acid L-ornithine dramatically increased the effectiveness of this potent natural supplement.
  Many returning customers attent to its ability to naturally curb inflammation (chronic itch,hot spots, arthritis, etc.) without the side-effects of steroids drugs or prescription animal NSAID's
Ingredients:           Beta-Sitosterol
Thymus Extract
                       200 mg. 
100 mg. 
200 mg. 












Product Reviews

(2896 Ratings, 24 Reviews) Average Rating:
joe (pa) 1/4/2022 3:55 PM
it really works
just what we needed
joey (wa) 11/19/2021 5:53 PM
Game Changer for Autoimmune SNP condition
Karen Perry (Kent UK) 10/13/2021 5:24 AM
Hello, I bought this product in January 2021, for my springer diagnosed with SNP, I didn't want to use steroids or vet drugs, I did massive amounts of research to find that if I could find a product with Plant Sterol and Thymus extract to kick start the thymus gland into action again, I could cure my springers condition. I found your product and I have cured my girl of all lumps, and without using a single Steroid!. I have recommended this product to many on a Facebook group for SNP, and others have used it successfully to. It really is a game changer and shows with the research I did reading about all sorts of medical conditions and the bodies natural immune response that I was able to try this and pass on what I learnt. I used Vitamin E and Vitamin B with this and a natural anti-inflammatory like Turmeric to start with. Regards Karen Perry
Took time, but it has helped
Debbie (East Texas) 9/17/2021 12:59 PM
Dealing with chronic pododermatitis with my 105-lb Great Dane mix. Took longer to work cause I had to keep upping dose. He gets 4 tablets 2xday. I decided to do a yeast detox for him cause he was starting to develop a sour smell in ears and feet so took him off B-T. After a couple weeks, realized his feet were starting to look inflamed again so I put him right back on the stuff. After about a month took him to our vet for check up. She was thrilled with his feet and asked me ifI was doing more than his weekly foot baths. I gave her an empty bottle so she could look it up. I go through so much of it, I just wish it were cheaper -like in bulk.
Ava Marie (Pennsylvania USA) 5/4/2021 6:19 AM
Beta-thym is reversing my dog’s suspected auto-immune-induced skin issues. Beta-thym was recommended to me by folks whose dogs are diagnosed with forms of auto-immune/pemphigus/discoid lupus. My GSD had lost all cobblestone leather on her nose, and her nose bled when bumped; her lips had turned from black to pink, the inside of her nose/nares turned from black to pink also, and were inflamed; her jowls were cracked and bleeding. Her eyes were very goopy. (She has never been on prednisone. I avoid all pharma.) I expected I’d have to have a painful punch biopsy done to diagnose my girl, but started Beta-Thym to see if it would help while we waited on scheduling. After about 5 weeks of 3xs daily use, all of the above symptoms are reduced/resolving. Lip and nose color are returning. Lips are soft again. Eyes far less goopy. No adverse side effects! I expect this improvement to continue. I am grateful to the FBook strangers that recommended this product.