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Beta-Thym 180 Tablets


Price: $39.95
Item Number: P951
Like a 'Natural Cortisone'
Inflammation Reduction Without Drugs
The base formula of Beta-Thym™ was originally used as a cholesterol-lowering agent in the late 1950s by Merck and Company, beta-sitosterol soon found itself a following among those seeking a starting point for synthetic chemical steroids like cortisone.

Added to our formulation in the early 1980s, thymus extract and natural amino acid L-ornithine dramatically increased the effectiveness of this potent natural supplement.
  Many returning customers attent to its ability to naturally curb inflammation (chronic itch,hot spots, arthritis, etc.) without the side-effects of steroids drugs or prescription animal NSAID's
Ingredients:           Beta-Sitosterol
Thymus Extract
                       200 mg. 
100 mg. 
200 mg. 












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BARBRA (SEATTLE) 1/22/2020 11:16 AM
I have had my dog Reggie on Betathym almost 3 months. He was suffering from flea allergic dermatitis It is working very well. He also may have seasonal allergies but I am not sure and have not investigated further as Beta thym is working so well. Is it okay to use Long Term? ( Yes long rearm use is Ok )
How can I buy beta thym in the uk
Jenny (England) 11/9/2019 1:21 PM
I have 2 Frenchie’s with allergied, after reading about this product I am looking to buy in the uk but seem to have it a brick wall, please can anyone help.
Definitely Far Better & Safer Results than Prednisone
Carol (New Hampshire) 6/11/2019 10:56 AM
Our English Springer Spaniels James, Jemma, & Jimbo have had tremendous success with Beta-Thym. After having experienced terrible reactions for James when 1st put on Prednisone(triggered Seizures &lowered his threshhold)during recovery from a severe allergic reaction to the Rabies Vaccine, I put him & our other springers on Beta-Thym (endorsed by Dr. Marty Goldstein, Conference--Dog Naturally Magazine). All James's inflammation & hotspots disappeared in record time--few days. Both James & his brother Jimbo were bloodtested for Allergens(Spectrum Labs) of which 45% were food allergens. Avoid these allergic foods & continue to use Beta-Thym twice daily with their special Rotational Home-cooked meals 75% pure safe meat proteins & 25% diced fruits/veggies. James just had complete bloodwork up done & he just turned 10 yrs young April 25th. Our Dermatologist, Dr. Stewart was so impressed & mentioned that he has the blood work of a 2 year old & could not believe he is 10. Am certain your Beta-Thym with Dr. Mercola's Immune Balancer helped get us back on track. Just ordered last month 3rd round of Beta-Thym. It really WORKS--THANK YOU Dr. Andy "Dynamic" Walsh for answering my questions. Sent family & friends a link to your website included in my dog/pup articles "BEST DOG/PUP ROTATIONAL SAFE Foods DIET" & "HEALTHY Pup/Dog Care for LONGEVITY." They feature the best advice/protocols from 5 Top Holistic Vets including yourself, Dr. Peter Dobias, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, Dr. Will Falconer, & Dr. Marty Goldstein. Thank you again for helping our springers live healthier, longer, better lives.
Beta thyn
anna (sweden ) 2/12/2018 4:35 AM
Hello. what a super product. I can not get beta-thym to sweden from usa. is there in England, Germany, please help me, love anna
Allie (Spokane, WA) 12/8/2014 6:58 PM
My Pit Bull/Lab mix has suffered from allergies her whole life. At just one year old, after her second round of shots she broke out in hives and her face and body became swollen so we rushed to the emergency vet. Shortly after, the constant itching started in. We had tried everything our conventional veterinarian suggested including Prednisone (which she was on for about two years) and switching to a grain free diet. Unfortunately, we saw little change in our little girl. Then we decided to try something different and started seeing a homeopath veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Wright, and he suggested this product right away. We began adding the Beta Thym in addition to some allergy testing where she came back allergic to dust, mold, grass, dairy, chicken, and rice. We obviously cut out the foods she was allergic to and tried to avoid the inhalant allergies as much as possible. We went through one bottle of Beta Thym and she was doing so well we just kept her away from the food allergies. For a year and a half she was doing well, but then in the fall of 2014 she started itching her eyes and face uncontrollably. We could even hear her up all hours of the night itching. So we called Dr. Wright back who again suggested the Beta Thym. We have now been giving her Beta Thym for two months, in addition to occasional eye drops and keeping her away from the food allergies, and she is doing wonderfully. She is sleeping through the night and has regained all of her fur. We will continue giving this supplement to our allergy-prone dog for the duration of her life. I can't imagine how miserable her life (and ours!) would be without this natural alternative to Prednisone. Because it is safe and effective, there is no reason to not give it a try if you have concerns about your own dog's allergies.